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Are you backed up?

You run your small business on your Smartphone, laptop computer, tablet and/or a myriad of other electronic devices. As a result, you are generating a lot of data. Are you backing it all up on a regular basis?


Losing your data
Losing your data is a situation that you never want to experience. Personal records, customer records, tax records, passwords, emails, important documents, training content, electronic certificates, bank statements are examples of the types of electronic materials that you and your business generate. All it takes is an irreparable hard drive crash or an accidental hard drive reformat (which a friend of mine did once) and all that accumulated data is history. Given the many different ways that you can back up your data securely there is no reason not to do so.


USB Flash Drive
A USB Flash Drive is my favorite method to back up my business data for several reasons. For one thing, they are relatively inexpensive; I purchased a 16GB USB Flash Drive recently for under $15. A possible strategy is to purchase several drives and designate them for different types of data; one for content that rarely changes (such as your company’s mission and vision statements perhaps), a second for training content or other materials that may need to be updated only a couple of times a year, and several for the different types of data that you use and update in a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. USB Flash Drives are highly portable and small so they don’t consume much space and the more expensive versions include data protection and password-controlled access.


External hard drive
An external hard drive is a more common data backup device and, just like USB Flash Drive, are available in a range of size capacities, styles, and colors. A quick check of a major electronics chain showed external hard drives up to 3TB (terabyte) for under $200. With that amount of available storage space you can keep several date-specific versions of your data to protect yourself from data corruption or accidental deletion of a needed file. Many external hard drives feature a USB cord, so coupled with a USB hub you could connect the drive to your network and allow all of your employees to access the data as needed.


Cloud-based storage
Cloud-based storage is a viable option if you need a data backup solution that works in the background and your budget supports the related expenses. Your data is stored in ‘the cloud” and you typically access it through a software interface that allows you see and interact with the data without knowing where in the world the data is physically stored. One of the attractive features of this style of backup is that you typically set the backup schedule once; the software manages the data backup process going forward until and unless you change it. And because your data is stored in the cloud you can theoretically access it from anywhere, so you are not limited to having to connect to a physical storage device in order to retrieve a backup file.


Magnetic tape
Magnetic tape, as a backup method, went the way of cassette tapes, vinyl records and dial-up Internet. At least that’s what most people think but I read a business article recently that discussed how magnetic tape storage is still utilized in many businesses as a data backup method. Who knew!

What is your data storage backup method? Comment below and let me know.


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